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1 Hour Whitening:
Zoom! is a bleaching process that lightens discoloration of enamel and dentin. The complete procedure takes about an hour. The procedure begins with a preparation period followed by 45 minutes of bleaching.

Whitening Trays:
Our at-home bleaching provides you with dazzling results…all while you sleep at night (or for 1-2 hours during the day). Bleaching is fast, easy, convenient, affordable and long-lasting.

Dr. Tamami also offers in-office bleaching and prescription strength whitening strips which contain a high percentage of whitening treatment. There are alternatives to fit any budget.

Please call our office to schedule a consultation to review your whitening options.

Farzam Tamami, DDS is a general dentist providing procedures such as dental implants, whitening and veneers in Potomac.
Dr. Farzam Tamami is licensed as a general dentist in the State of Maryland.