Dr. Farzam Tamami DDS - Potomac Dentist




-Advanced Education in General Dentistry, University of Maryland Dental School 

*Residency, June 2001
-Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, Dental School, University of Maryland at Baltimore *DDS, May 2000
-University of Maryland at College Park, College Park, Maryland *BS in Biology, 1996

American Dental Association
Advanced General Dentistry

Dental School "applicant essay"
I have always wanted to be an artist. Unfortunately, ceaseless skepticism from my parents convinced me otherwise. Yet, I have discovered an alternative means to express this artistic urge within myself-  Dentistry.
In order to justify this absurd logic, I will start from the beginning. I was born into an affluent Persian family, appreciative of various fine arts. Encouraged by my parents, I learned to play the piano. Obsessively, I practiced until my fingers became strong and my hands submitted to my total control. By age fourteen, I was mastering pieces by Chopin, Bach, and my personal favorite, Clayderman. Later on, when my family moved to Austria, the European influence increased and my appreciation and admiration for these brilliant composers intensified. While I mastered other diversions, such as table tennis and swimming, my fascination stood fast for musical art. However, the more I conformed to the influence of these great pianists, the more I realized that my destiny was not to become one of them.
Finally, my family moved to the United States where my interests turned towards science. I delved into biology and chemistry. Naturally, the more I understood the mechanisms of science and human physiology the more my interest increased for sports, particularly tennis. Success moved in swiftly; by the time I entered college I ranked number one for my school in tennis. Eventually, tennis stardom led to vanity. And as I spent countless hours studying my gorgeous smile I discovered an interest for the mouth. The mouth is curious, as it is definitely a reflection of the soul within. Its form and physique mirror the condition of the individual.
Then I was awakened. I realized that these interests of biology, chemistry and art unite in dentistry. A dentist has the power to manipulate the very tunnel to the human heart. To create symmetry, perfection and clarity in the mouth is to impart a divine grace and natural beauty to the individual. And since I cannot be an artist, as I stated earlier, I will disguise myself as a dentist and work diligently to redefine aesthetics as I reshape the most commonly viewed masterpiece - the human smile.